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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Continental Machinery works diligently to serve our clients. Our objective is to represent our clients’ interests as we approach each step in the process. Our recommendations are designed to assure an equitable recovery for our client.

We take pride in the positive customer comments that are posted below.

If you are looking for an industrial equipment restoration specialist, please contact us, and will be happy to provide you with contact information so you can talk with our clients.


“Your assistance in identifying corrosive damage prevented the insured from suffering damaging long term effects to their equipment and minimized their business interruption losses. We were able to rely on your evaluation of the damages to the equipment. The insurance carrier recognized the accuracy of your work and paid almost the entire claim.”

— Harvey Goodman, Goodman-Gable-Gould

Salvatore’s Restaurant

“We called them in to look at restaurant equipment - they found hidden damage the insurance company people would have overlooked.”

— Ron Papa, NFA

Elektruk Battery

“Continental’s response was quick, thorough, and complete. We were in a situation that warranted immediate resolution and a complete report was furnished for review within 24 hours.”

— Don Callisto, NFA


“Continental Machinery provided a quick and thorough technical response to assist in the adjustment of the equipment on our claim. Thank you for your involvement in this matter.”

— Shellie R. Landa, The Greenspan Co.

Koike Aronson, Inc.

“After our January 16 factory fire, we did not know where to begin with the recovery process because we were not in a rational frame of mind. Your ability to bring in a clean-up crew at short notice and begin the recovery process within days of the fire helped us get back into operation sooner than expected.”

— John Capozzi, President, Koike Aronson, Inc.

Femco, Inc.

“By contacting Continental Machinery, we obtained a completed, detailed scope of repairs to properly decontaminate and restore our equipment to pre-loss condition.”

— Rick Young, Femco, Inc.