Litigation Support

Continental Machinery is your partner in achieving the best insurance settlement possible for your client. Our proven recovery record and disaster assessment expertise is key to the success of your case.

Continental partners with your legal team to achieve the best settlement possible.

Forensic and Metallurgical analysis completed by Continental Machinery become critical factors to support monetary damages in litigation.

Members of Continental’s staff have achieved the status of “expert witness” on numerous litigation and appraisal claims, including presentation of expert reports in state and federal court depositions as well as actual trial testimony.

Continental’s proven recovery record and disaster assessment expertise are key to the success of your claims case. Loss valuations set forth in our reports have resulted in many favorable outcomes in contentious situations. Our comprehensive reports include scientific data, itemized pricing documentation, research materials, published articles, and manufacturer’s specifications in support of your claim.

Lastly, Continental’s detailed review of discovery documentation and our database file organization allows attorneys to review the information in an expeditious manner, thereby reducing your legal costs. Further, our review procedures serve to identify valuable discovery documents for legal counsel, which is further evidence of how we partner with you and counsel in preparing your case for trial.