Flood Loss

Flood Disaster Recovery

Water Damage

Floods are caused by water overflow from rivers and large bodies of water. Flash floods can be caused by extensive quantities of rainfall in a short period of time. These types of rising water can totally or partially submerge all types of equipment and MEP installations affecting operations in a facility. From production equipment in a manufacturing facility to electrical switchgear and air handling equipment in commercial facilities. Critical mechanical assemblies can corrode with water exposure and precision bearings will require replacement. Electrical and electronic components suffer heavy damage with water exposure and submerged wiring and cable terminations will require identification to properly determine the extent of damage.

Moisture Exposure

Direct water can enter cracks and crevices of equipment. The full extent of this water distribution is necessary to determine the scope of repair for equipment and MEP installations. Moisture exposure from standing water and condensation inside facilities after a loss contribute to damage that will require assessment to determine the proper scope of repair. Moisture and condensation exposure are critical for electronic assemblies with environmental specifications warning against moisture levels exceeding certain parameters. Once condensation wets chemicals on equipment surfaces, the corrosion process can begin. In addition, as certain materials become wet, they can expand and deteriorate precision alignments and/or circuitry.


Flood water can contain multiple contaminants that it collects during the event such as acids, oils, pesticides, etc. Depending upon the material of the equipment or MEP installation, these contaminants can damage or deteriorate components. Many times, this is not visually observable immediately after an incident, but will cause deterioration and long-term damage. Forensic evaluations will assist in determining the full effect of contamination on equipment installations.

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