Recovery after hurricanes or tornado

Impact Damage

Hurricanes and tornados cause highspeed winds and flying debris that can damage equipment covers and critical components. Electrical conduits and various piping installations associated with equipment can be damaged affecting the functionality of the overall system. Thorough inspections can reveal exactly how equipment and MEP installations have been damaged and what scope of repair is required to properly restore the equipment.

Compromised Structure and Contents Damage

Hurricanes and tornados can totally or partially remove roofs and cause partial or entire building collapses. The collapse of structures meant to protect equipment can cause impact damage to the contents inside. Roof and building damage can potentially expose equipment to the elements such as water and wind. Wind can carry sand and particulates that can enter crevices and unreachable areas inside equipment. These particulates must be removed to properly restore the equipment and ensure its functionality.

Moisture Exposure

Direct water exposure from the elements can enter cracks and crevices of equipment. The full extent of this water distribution is necessary to determine the scope of repair for equipment and MEP installations. Moisture exposure from standing water and condensation inside facilities after a loss contribute to damage that will require assessment to determine the proper scope of repair. Moisture and condensation exposure are critical for electronic assemblies with environmental specifications warning against moisture levels exceeding certain parameters. Once condensation wets chemicals on equipment surfaces, the corrosion process can begin. In addition, as certain materials become wet, they can expand and deteriorate precision alignments and/or circuitry.

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